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“Serverless computing reshuffles security responsibilities, shifting many of them from the cloud user to the cloud provider without fundamentally changing them“

Now a software company at a $1b run-rate …

“Infosys, the second-largest among them all, accounted for over 36% of the denials”

Going more enterprise means adding more salespeople.

The cloud solves most problems.  Not all, though.

A classic, and a good list.

“Shareholders have sold Slack stock to private buyers at prices as high as $25 or $26 a share, which implies a company valuation of about $16 billion”

“More than 5 million developers use these tools, according to Gayathri Rajan, who runs the Google Maps enterprise team. That’s a lot of paying customers.”

“Its founders had applied to Y Combinator multiple times and been rejected”



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