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These options can be particularly appealing to SaaS companies with their recurring revenues:

For now, hybrid cloud is what a lot of the biggest enterprises still want:

Wow, Apple Music passes Spotify in the U.S:

A deep analysis of how it really works when a company sells for almost $100m … But has raised more than that in equity and debt:

“But last month when Pinterest announced its IPO, the company’s cloud spend raised eyebrows. You see, the company is spending $750 million a year on cloud services, more specifically to AWS. “

“The company found out when security analyst Brian Krebs notified the chain that its customers’ credit and debit card numbers were being sold on the dark web.”

Convergence in messaging space:

Adding to the list of SaaS companies with their own funds, including Salesforce, Workday, Slack, Talkdesk, etc.:

Oracle has struggled in the cloud, but acquiring NetSuite was a gem.  They accelerated its growth. has been at it a long time with a big vision.  Great to see them hit this next milestone.


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