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“The sham began in February, when an unknown user with a Chinese IP address and fake phone number side-stepped Zillow’s security measures and toyed with the sale prices displayed on the mansion’s listing.”

“While the Bay Area didn’t win Amazon’s official “HQ2,” it already has the second largest concentration of technical employees outside the company’s Seattle headquarters.”

Who always wins? AWS: -> “Slack disclosed that it signed a new five-year deal with AWS with an annual commitment to spend a minimum of $50 million on cloud services. ” 

“Instead of saying the same thing everyone else was already saying ad nauseum—”It’s easy to use! It’s a reliable product!”—the team counted on third party validation to rise up above the competition.” 

Big Companies will pay you a lot of money … IF you solve their really big problems 


Up from $110m just 24 months ago.

A lot of growth in 18 months.

One space in cloud where growth slowed.

“New York is offering Yext as much as $6 million in performance-based tax credits, contingent upon the company’s ability to create and retain jobs.”

 This >could< be disruptive … if Google keeps at it and takes it seriously as a business …

“Lemonade took in $57 million in premium revenue from 425,000 customers, 75% of them under 35 and 90% of them buying such insurance for the first time” 

Microsoft CEO to Bloomberg; “I would be disgusted if somebody ever celebrated our market cap,” Why he thinks celebrating the company passing $1T marks “the beginning of the end.” 

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