The Week in Cloud: A look at the stories in Cloud, SaaS, and business software that we found particularly useful and interesting. Big or small.


Microsoft is doing a strong job of being the alternative for folks simply worried about Amazon. Number 2 is still awfully big in the largest market in all of Cloud:

A huge donation, driven by the Cloud:

Amazon connecting start-ups needing funding — and VC firms needing funding!! — to potential investors:

Lots of change at Zenefits, caught up in the college entrance scandal:

Salesforce and others prepare for Brexit, move centers elsewhere in Europe:

PagerDuty files to IPO, with 10,000+ customers:

Huawei is developing its own operating system as its ban continues:

Google moves away from two-factor authentication over phone due to rampant spoofing risks:

How ServiceTitan became a unicorn selling to plumbers and janitors:

DropBox quietly pushes up conversions to paid by limiting Free to 3 devices:

MongoDB still growing 70%+ annually. This is fairly incredible:

Venture and start-ups are risky, but it works when done right. Yale, one of the top endowments, boosts venture to an aggressive 20%+ of its holdings:

Domo rebounds after its IPO, grows 31%, now back over $1b+ in valuation. It’s not always easy, but recurring revenue … recurs.

Acquisition multiples in SaaS/Cloud doubled last year. That’s a lot. Private Equity is forcing public companies to pay up:

The Open Source Wars don’t seem to have dented Mongo, Elastic, etc. yet … but wow, they are heating up:

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