So we took a quick look at what the most popular SaaStr podcasts are so far, if you want to catch up!

#1.  “SaaStr 417: How Sales and Product Really Should Work Together with Javier Molina, VP, Corporate Sales, Americas @ MongoDB and Sahir Azam, Chief Customer Officer”.  A super important topic we don’t hear discussed enough.

#2. “SaaStr 415: Fighting Churn with Data featuring, Carl Gold, Chief Data Scientist at Zuora“.  A great session from SaaStr on perhaps the #1 more important topic at scale … fighting churn.

#3. “SaaStr 419: How To Collaborate, Manage & Work with Developers with Jeff Lawson, CEO of Twilio and Jason Lemkin”.  Jeff has been speaking >a lot< on this topic with his book, so we took a much deeper dive than others on this and related topics.  How to build amazing products at scale.

#4. “SaaStr 421: 11 tips to Build Stronger Relationships with Customers with Jason Lemkin, CEO of SaaStr”.  A deep dive on actionable tips to have higher NPS and lower churn … and happier customers.

#5. “SaaStr 430: The Secrets to $1B ARR and 100,000 Happy Customers with Brian Halligan, CEO of Hubspot and Jason Lemkin”.  A really great deep dive on so many topics, including how to build a vibrant partner ecosystem.  Getter better fast, Brian!

#6. “SaaStr 422: The Twists and Turns Along the Way to Building a Unicorn with Kyle Porter, CEO of Salesloft and Jason Lemkin”.  Jason was one of the earliest investors in Salesloft and they discuss how it really got to be a unicorn, and the tough learnings and mistakes along the way.  And how to win in a very competitive market.

#7. “SaaStr 416: The Secret Sauce for Scaling to $1B with Zendesk’s Sharon Prosser, VP Global SMB GTM and Ashta Malik, VP GTM Strategy“. A really terrific deep dive on selling and scaling to $1B in SMB ARR.

#8. “SaaStr 420: Mastering the Art and Science of Product-Led Growth with Gainsight’s Founder of Gainsight PX and Clara Peter, VP of Product”.  A deep dive on a classic topic today — PLG.

#9. “SaaStr 418: 10 Rules for Defining Churn with Andrea Webb, SVP of Customer Success at Solarwinds and Tim Willey, SVP Forgerock“.  A deep dive on churn from 2 great leaders in the field.

#10. “SaaStr 428: How to Execute a Winning Self-Service Strategy with Naomi Rozenfeld, VP of Revenue at Wix Answers”.  A highly practical guide to monetizing self-service customers.

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