We made it to 100 episodes of the SaaStr podcast! Just about a year ago, Harry Stebbings, our host, started releasing interviews with the biggest names in SaaS, and tens of thousands of listens later, we’re celebrating 100 episodes!

To celebrate, we’re counting down the top ten episodes of the SaaStr Podcast… so far.

Be sure to catch these ten and extra-special episode 100 with Box’s Aaron Levie on The 3 Stages of Company Scaling, Why Most Enterprise Software Is ‘Dumb’ & The Future For Enterprise. Trust me, you want this episode for your commute home tonight. Listen now here.

#10 – SaaStr Podcast #057: Louis Jonckheere, Co-Founder & Co-CEO, Showpad Discusses Building & Scaling Your Core Exec, From VP of Sales to CSMs 

#9 – SaaStr Podcast #090: Jason Lemkin, Founder & VC @ SaaStr Shares the Specific Traits He Looks For in SaaS Founders

#8 – SaaStr Podcast #086: Auren Hoffman (LiveRamp, SafeGraph) Discusses Why You Have To Focus On A Tiny Market

#7 – SaaStr Podcast #083: Ryan Smith, Founder & CEO @ Qualtrics On Bootstrapping To A $Bn Valuation

#6 – SaaStr Podcast #089: Leo Widrich (Founder & COO @ Buffer) Shares 10 Lessons From Growing To $10m ARR

#5 – SaaStr Podcast #052: Jon Herstein, SVP Customer Success @ Box Discusses Building & Scaling Box’s Customer Success Team

#4 – SaaStr Podcast #092: Eric Yuan, Founder & CEO @ Zoom On Raising $100m From Sequoia Capital

#3 – SaaStr Podcast #093: Lexi Reese, Chief Customer Experience Officer @ Gusto Discusses How to Manage NPS Effectively with Scaling

#2 – SaaStr Podcast #088: John Barrows, Godfather of Sales, Shares How To React When a Lead Goes Dark

#1 – SaaStr Podcast #094: Tien Tzuo, Founder & CEO @ Zuora Shares the $100m Question All SaaS Founders Must Ask

Now that we’ve covered the top ten episodes so far… We want to know, who do you want to hear from on the podcast? Tell us on Twitter, using #SaaStrPodcast, or in the comments below.


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