Welcome to Episode 57! Louis Jonckheere is the Co-Founder & Co-CEO of Showpad, the company that enables sales teams by making content findable, presentable, and trackable. They have raised from some incredible investors including Dawn Capital, Hummingbird Ventures, and Insight Venture Partners who more recently led their Series C $50m fundraise earlier this year. As for Louis, Showpad is his second company. He and his co-founder, Pieterjan, founded the mobile development agency, In The Pocket, in 2010, where Louis still serves on the board. Prior to In The Pocket, Louis was a Strategic Partnership Manager at Netlog, where he first met Pieterjan.

louis_jonckheereIn today’s episode you will learn:
How did Louis come to found Showpad? What was the a-ha moment for him?
How did Louis look to build out the core executive team? What have been the big lessons learnt? What have been the big mistakes and how has Louis changed his approach since?
How did Louis look to scale the customer success team? At what stage did Louis hire his first CSM? Is $2m ARR the right benchmark? Do customer success teams need to be product specialists?
How has Louis looked to build a scalable and repeatable sales process with Showpad? At what point did Louis decide to hire sales reps for the first time? What benchmark was this? Did Louis hire the first 2 reps at the same time?

60 Second SaaStr
Louis’ fave SaaS resource?
Louis’s biggest advice to SaaS founders?
What does Louis know today that he wishes he had known at the start?

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