YouTube is an incredible place to catch up on the top SaaStr sessions of all time.

Here are the Top 10 most watched SaaStr videos of the week:

#1 “The Top 3 Things Every COO Should Track for Operational Excellence with Adyen”.  Adyen COO Kamran Zaki, and VP Operations and Point of Sale Jaclyn Berger, will share their experience with intelligent monitoring, Adyen’s approach to operational excellence KPIs.

#2. “How to Build a Business that Scales With Your Customers with Zendesk’s CTO”.  Zendesk’s own CTO joined SaaStr recently to about how they scale systems, technology and more!

#3. “From Developer to Founder to CEO: Engineering to Enterprise with Elastic”

#4. “Klaviyo’s $9.5B Revolution in eCommerce Marketing: A Deep Dive with CEO Andrew Bialecki”.  An incredible session from a few weeks ago.

#5.  “Early Gains, Early Pains: 5 Lessons for Surviving Hypergrowth” Harry Stebbings and MessageBird CEO Robert Vis”.  A SaaStr Europa classic!

#6. “Our Top 5 Mistakes in Scaling with’s co-CEOs”.  A great deep-dive to look at fresh off Monday’s huge IPO.

#7. “Improving Employee Performance in the Enterprise: What the Data Really Shows with Ally

#8. “How to Scale at Warp Speed While Staying Innovative with Totango and Zoom”

#9. “3 CCO Lessons in Scaling Enterprise CX with HubSpot”.  

#10 “Flywheelin’: 10 Learnings from Atlassian’s Unique GTM Model”.  A great recent SaaStr session with Atlassian’s CRO.

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