There’s so much incredible new content on the SaaStr YouTube Channel and podcast — check it all out here!  And with 20+ sessions from the recent SaaStr Enterprise to dig into alone, as well as an incredible new session with the CEO of Klaviyo.

OK — now on to The Top 10.  The 10 most watched videos of the week.

Let’s dive in!

#1. “The 5 things that kill startups after their seed rounds with Michael Seibel, CEO of Y Combinator”.  A SaaStr Classic and we are super excited Michael is joining us again for a Masterclass at 2021 SaaStr Annual Sep 27-29 in SF Bay Area!!  More here.

#2. “Navigating the CRO and CMO Relationship with G2 and SalesLoft”.  A great new session from SaaStr Annual on how the CRO and CMO really should work together.

#3. “12 Key Levers of SaaS Success with David Skok”.  Another SaaStr Classic, and David is also coming back for a brand new MasterClass at SaaStr Annual!!  Grab tickets here.

#4. “Top 10 Learnings Architecting a High Throughput Critical API with RevenueCat’s CTO”.  Just before closing RevenueCat’s $40m Series B, CTO Miguel Carranza joined us to share how they process more API calls than Stripe.  With a tiny 1/100th the size (or likely less):

#6. “Flywheelin’: 10 Learnings from Atlassian’s Unique GTM Model”.  A terrific new session with Atlassian’s CRO.  A must watch.

#7.  “How the Future of Workplace Learning Will Increase Employee Productivity by 50% with Spekit’s CEO.”  Spekit is one of the hottest SaaS companies right now and take a look at how employees will learn post-Covid here:

#8. “How Product & Marketing Should Work Together with PagerDuty”.  Another critical topic, PagerDuty’s CMO and CPO share how they work together.

#9. “Bottom Up vs. Top Down Selling in the Enterprise with ThoughtSpot’s CEO”.  Ok this one is also a must watch.  ThoughtSpot’s CEO was previously the CRO at Nutanix, and scaling revenue is his passion.  Bottoms up or Top Down selling?  Here’s how to do better, and when to pick which.


#10 How Customer Service Became Strategic Overnight with Salesforce’s CEO for Service Cloud”.  We were incredibly lucky to have Salesforce’s new CEO of Service Cloud join us to share top learnings on Customer Service here.  Clara was also a startup CEO as well so she’s lived it and seen it from all sides and at every stage:


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