Wow there was a lot going on at SaaStr last week with 2021 and more!

Here’s what everyone was most watching the past week:

#1. “The 5 Metrics You Should Track to Maximize Your Company’s Valuation with Thomas Tunguz of Redpoint Ventures”.  This fun, informal session with Thomas (and pinch-hitting from Jason Lemkin during an IT glitch) was a great deep dive into where SaaS is, right now.

#2. “Demo-Driven Revenue Acceleration: 3 Ways to Use Product to Engage and Scale with Demostack”.  This session on how to really do demos proved pretty popular.

#3. (or Really, #1) “State of the Cloud 2021 with Bessemer Venture Partners”.  This annual SaaStr tradition with Bessemer Venture Partners is better than ever.  Do a deep dive into the data, trends and more in Cloud in 2021.  Actually, this video ran twice so if you add up views for both videos, it was #1.

#4. “5 Steps to Building Immediate International Scale with the Department for International Trade and Highspot”.  Another surprisingly popular session on how to “go international”, with Highspot (fresh off its $2B+ round) the case study.  A lot of good learnings on when and how to set up your first field team (physical office or not) outside the U.S.

#5. “How to Build Out Your Marketing from Bootstrapping to $100M with SwagUp”.  Bootstrapping content is always popular and this session from Swagup is no exception.  Yes, you can get to $100m in revenues without $100m in venture capital.

#6. “A Step by Step Guide to Build a Marketing Strategy to Take You to the First $100M with Snowflake”.  This session was great, with Snowflake’s CEO telling you what really worked for them, from content marketing that worked, to customer webinars, and much more.  It’s very good.

#7. “Winning at Enterprise through Community Building with Notion”.  Team SaaStr loves Notion, so it was amazing to get this deep dive on how Notion uses to community to drive enterprise sales.

#8. “Building an Enduring Company, One Hard Lesson at a Time with Webflow’s CEO”.  This session is just terrific.  Webflow is worth $2B+ today, but it barely got there in the early days. The lessons here are incredible and Vlad really brought some special perspectives to his mistakes and learnings.  Watch this one.

#9. “Top 10 Learnings Architecting a High Throughput Critical API with RevenueCat’s CTO”.  RevenueCat is breaking out as the leader in managing mobile subscriptions, but the team is still tiny relatively speaking.  Come hear how CTO Miguel Carranza managed to build an API managing as many API calls as Stripe, with a small but mighty team.

#10. “Building Your Ideal Customer Profile: How to Target your Product, Sales and Marketing More Effective”.  This session also proved very popular at Build, on how to figure out exactly which customer personas to really target and market to.

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