What were all of you watching on YouTube this week … that we didn’t also watch last week?  Let’s take a look at the Top 10 Newer Videos This Week!

#1:  Driving Growth and Clarity in Marketing from Lauren Perkins of Microsoft at our recent SaaStr Summit on Bridging the Gap.

#2: “Building a Thriving Sales Culture with PatientPop SVP Sales Justin Welsh”.  Justin was the first rep in at PatientPop and then took them to $60m+ in ARR as SVP of Sales.  Great learnings on building a winning sales culture.

#3: “What a Great VP of Product Really Does”.  A great discussion on the role with Heads of Product from Gainsight, Twilio, Greenhouse, and more.

#4: “Decacorns & Unicorns in 2020: Founders Fund Keith Rabois and SaaStr’s Jason Lemkin”.  A great discussion from our recent New New Venture event, with a perhaps less optimistic take on venture from Keith than you might see all over Twitter.

#5: “From Hackathon to Unicorn” Talkdesk Co-Founder Tiago Paiva and SaaStr CEO Jason Lemkin.  A classic deep dive on how badly do you want it?  Tiago went from zero revenue for the first 2 years, to a leader worth billions today.  How did he stick with it and make it so?

#6: “Our best and worst marketing experiments” Lucidchart Co-Founder and CEO Karl Sun.  This was one of the very top sessions from SaaStr Europa.

#7: “Your Safest Investment in Difficult Times: Your Product with Pendo”

#8: “Why Zoom Founder Went Solo & How Being an Engineer Helps You be a Better CEO”.  Yes, you can be a solo founder and make it.

#9: “How Top Sales Leaders are Adjusting Their Sales Process and More (an Open Discussion)”. The changes Brex and Atlassian have — and haven’t made — during these new times.

#10: “How to Market to Customers Small, Medium, Large & Extra Large”.  A SaaStr classic from current Talend CMO and prior Box VPM Lauren Vaccarello on how to market to all sizes of customers … at the same time.  It’s complicated.


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