Each week, we round up our most popular content so you can catch up on anything you may have missed. Check out this week’s top blog posts, podcasts, and videos:

Top Blog Posts This Week:

  1. 10 Things That Always Work in SaaS Marketing.  A great summary of 10 types of marketing initiatives that always get you more customers.  5 you can do yourself, this week, right now.  5 you can also do anytime, but you need a marketing leader that knows how to execute them.

  2. 10 Things I’d Do Differently as a Founder Next Time.  Experience doesn’t make recruiting easier, or scaling easier, or a lot of things any easier.  But experience does help you see some mistakes not to make next time.

  3. Why Some VC Investments Work Out, and Some Don’t. What I’ve Learned.  I’ve been VC investing for 9 years now, with 1 decacorn, 4 unicorns, and 2 billion+ exits.  But after 9 years, you can also see more clearly what doesn’t work.  A deeper dive here.

  4. Dear SaaStr: How Much Equity Do You Give to Extremely Early Employees?  The earliest employees that stick it out really do deserve more.  More respect.  More freedom.  More chances.  And … more equity.  The only problem is the pie only adds up to 100%. But here are some ideas on what you can do.

  5. Adding Payments and Fintech to SaaS Can Be Great. But You Gotta Watch the Margins.  The best in SaaS have added payments and seen magic happen, like Bill.com.  But it’s not always that simple.  You can also see your margins plummet.  At least, you need to understand it’s not a free lunch.  A deeper dive here on how adding payments and fintech to SaaS can hurt your margins, even if it adds revenue.

Top Podcasts This Week:
1. SaaStr 583: Scaling Faster, Part 2: An AMA with SaaStr Founder & CEO Jason Lemkin

2. SaaStr 582: SaaS Secret Sauce: How the CEO — CRO Dynamic Drives Growth with Marketo Former EVP Sales Bill Binch.

3. SaaStr 581: The Latest in VC Funding + Scaling SaaS: An AMA with SaaStr Founder & CEO Jason Lemkin.

4. SaaStr 580: Finding Opportunities in Every Challenge: From Humble Beginnings to 30 Million Users with Miro Founder and CEO Andrey Khusid, and ICONIQ Growth General Partner Matthew Jacobson.

5. SaaStr 579: Why Event Marketing Matters Even More Than Before & The Future Of Events with SaaStr CEO Jason Lemkin

Top Videos This Week:

1. How to Build a Super High-Retention Sales Team with Twilio SVP & GM Alice Katwan. 

2. Designing a Product Your Customer Can’t Live Without with Brex Co-Founder/CEO Henrique Dubugras and Mutiny Founder/CEO Jaleh Rezaei

3. Going from Series A to Unicorn in Less Than 12 Months with Payhawk Co-Founder/CEO Hristo Borisov and VP Marketing Désirée Schildt

4. The Metrics that Matter, Whether You Are Raising $1m or $100m with Index Ventures Partner Molly Alter

5. SaaS Secret Sauce: How the CEO/CRO Dynamic Drives Growth with Marketo’s Former EVP Sales Bill Binch

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