In case you got busy and couldn’t read and watch everything SaaStr this past week :), here are the most popular posts and videos.  There are some pretty good ones here, including 2 great new sessions from SaaStr Europa 2022.


#1.  Zendesk and Anaplan: A Tale of Two Very Similar, And Very Different, $10B SaaS Acquisitions.  A deep dive on how much has changed in SaaS — just since February.

#2.  5 Interesting Learnings from Zendesk at $1.6 Billion in ARR.  More on how Zendesk re-accelerated after $1B in ARR>

#3.  Salesloft, Zendesk, Salesforce and More: “There’s No Slowdown Yet”.  Is there really a slowdown in SaaS?  It depends on whose data you look at.  These 3 SaaS leaders say — Not Yet.

#4. Dear SaaStr: How Many Sales Reps Do I Need?  The answer: about twice as many as you thought.  The math on why here.

#5.  One Thing Your Team and Investors Always Need to See: A Clear Path.  VCs can handle a tough patch.  What they can’t really handle is when there isn’t a clear path to better times.


#1. Balancing Growth and Efficiency in Tougher Times | Point Nine Managing Partner Christoph Janz.  Our first session from 2022 SaaStr Europa on just where VC is in SaaS today.  A great session.

#2. The 5 things that kill startups after their seed rounds with Michael Seibel, CEO of Y Combinator.  A SaaStr Annual classic to watch (or re-watch) ahead of 2022 SaaStr Annual this year Sep 13-15 in SF Bay Area!!

#3.  16 Ways to Level Up in 2022 with SaaStr Founder and CEO Jason Lemkin.  This was one of my sessions at SaaStr Europa, and it was pretty well received.  I used some of our top LinkedIn surverys to do a deep dive on how you scale faster this year — with the leads you already have.

#4.  How to Do ABM Campaigns (For Real) with Snowflake ABM Director Hillary Carpio.  A great workshop on how to get ABM going at your SaaS company.

#5.The SaaS Org Chart by Series with David Sacks, Co-founder and General Partner at Craft Ventures.  Another SaaStr Annual classic. Get EXCITED for 2022 SaaStr Annual Sep 13-15 in SF Bay Area!!

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