Top Blog Posts This Week:

  1. IVP: The Average SaaS Magic Number is 1.2

  2. KeyBanc: Only 41% of SaaS Companies Price By Seat Now

  3. The Sales Playbook for 2022: A Deep Dive with Brendon Cassidy + Jason Lemkin

  4. 30+ Founders and Execs Share Pricing and Billing Practices … That Just Weren’t Worth It

  5. The Biggest Problem With Mediocre VPs? They Spend All The Money

Top Vids of the Week:

  1.  “The Sales Playbook for 2022 with Brendon Cassidy and Jason Lemkin”.  Good stuff in here.

2. “From Being Paralyzed to a $1m+ First Year as Senior SDR with SaaStr“.  A great guide to what it takes to be a great SDR.

3. “Demystifying the Unicorn Buzz with the CEOs of Calendly, Algolia, and Contentful“.  A new vid with a top session from SaaStr Annual

4. “The Secrets Behind Creating Scalable Products with Box CEO, Aaron Levie and SaaStr CEO, Jason Lemkin”.  Another new vid with the CEO of Aaron Levie, on the learnings approaching $1B ARR.

5. “The 2021 State of Marketing Technology with Marqeta’s CMO, Vidya Peters”.  ICYMI, a great Annual digital session on the current state of marketing technologies.


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