Top SaaStr Blog Posts This Week:

  1. The Top 10 Questions to Ask a VP of Marketing in an Interview

  2. 10 Marketing Tactics That Always Work for Early-Stage SaaS StartUps

  3. What’s the “Right” CAC These Days? The One You Can Afford

  4. The Top 100 Private Cloud and SaaS Companies Now Have an Average Valuation of $5.2 Billion

  5. 5 Interesting Learnings from Blackline at $400,000,000 in ARR

Top Videos of the Week:

#1 “A Decade of Learnings from Y Combinator’s CEO Michael Seibel”.  This week is Demo Days!!  Catch up on the top learnings from YC CEO Michael Seibel.

#2. “The Cadence: How to Turn Your SaaS Startup into an Army” With David Sacks”.  David is back at 2021 SaaStr Annual Sep 27-29 for a Mastermind session. Take a look back at his classic session on Building a SaaS Army here:

#3. “Secrets to Aligning Marketing and Revenue Strategies with Marqeta’s CMO”.  A deep dive from the recent SaaStr Money on how Marqeta’s CMO thinks about demand gen, building a marketing team, selling to developers, and much more.

#4. “Sales Mistakes that Can Kill Your SaaS Business & How to Avoid Them”.  Another SaaStr Classic that burst into the Top 5 this week.  Mark Roberge will be back at SaaStr Annual 2021 as well with a new Mastermind session.

#5. “How $10B Figma Nurtures a Community-Led Growth Strategy with CCO Amanda Kleha”.  A great SaaStr workshop you likely missed with $10B Figma’s CCO on how to nurture community-led growth:

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