Our YouTube views continue to hit records during these Shelter+ times.  What are folks watching the most this week?  Let’s take a look at the Top 10 Videos of the Week (that weren’t also in the Top 10 last week or so):

#1: A Decade of Learnings From Y Combinator with CEO MIchael Seibel.  This one always floats near the top.

#2:  “The Cadence: How To Turn Your SaaS Startup into an Army” with David Sacks, Craft Ventures and ex-CEO Yammer and ex-COO of PayPal.  One of the top sessions from New New in Venture.

#3: “12 Key Levers of SaaS Success with David Skok of Matrix Partners”.  A SaaStr Classic!

#4: “Brand Demand: Creating Clarity and Driving Growth Amidst Uncertainty with Microsoft for Startups”.  We don’t think enough about brand.  We should think more about it.  It’s enduring.

#5: “Jyoti Bansal and The AppDynamics Story: From Idea to $3.7B”.  The inside story of Cisco buying AppDynamics for $3.7b, and Jyoti learning to love sales as an engineer.  One of my favorite sessions.  $3.7B seemed crazy back then.  Fast forward just a few years, and now we are in the Age of Decacorns for SaaS and Cloud.

#6: “Growing & Scaling SaaS Businesses from $1M to $500M in ARR with Karen Peacock, CEO of Intercom”.  Karen recently moved from COO to CEO of Intercom (well earned!!) and her sessions at Annual are always some of our top-rated.

#7: “Top 10 Learnings about Free Trials with Tomasz Tunguz.”  Tomasz presented his learnings studying 100s of Free and Free Trial offerings.  A strong session for anyone thinking about the complexities here.

#8: “Lessons From a Second-Time Founder: How Brex Went From 0 – $1B in Under 2 Years”.  A lot of lessons about marketing and scaling that are different than you might expect.

#9: “7 Key Tips & Tricks to Getting More Revenue per AE with Salesloft, Zoom and FireEye.”  A great hands-on session with sales leaders on how to increase your revenue per rep.

#10: “Dharmesh Shah of HubSpot – From Day 0 to IPO: What Went to Plan, What Most Certainly Didn’t”  Another SaaStr classic.  Dharmesh shares some of the top mistakes and learnings from Hubspot’s earliest days through IPO.  A crowd favorite.

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