The other day a friend of mine I’m working on a project with sent me a link to Trello.

Trello bills itself as project/team collaboration product.  What I can tell you is it works very nicely.

It’s always tough to find any project management tool that works for everyone.  The devs are using their dev tools and sometimes Basecamp or whatever, the sales team uses Salesforce, the product guys have some random Gantt charts .. personally, I’ve taken to Google Docs just because it’s easier to do everything in Google.  But it’s pretty bad at organizing things.

Trello works nicely.  The UI/UX needs some work, but in general, it’s totally obvious how it works, the feeds are great, and the front-end engineering is really nice.  Just drag everything when you want it.

My new tool for small collaborative projects.  Wish I’d used it for the last EchoSign holiday party 😉

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