SaaStr’s Poya Osgouei has a great Uncharted podcast that does a deeper dive with many SaaS execs.

Up this week is are Patrick Campbell & Peter Zotto and they and Poya discuss why they decided to sell to Paddle for $200 Million and share some of the wisdom they have learned over the last 10+ years bootstrapping ProfitWell.

They discuss:

  • How Patrick knew Peter was the person he wanted to work with for a lifetime
  • What Peter admires about Patrick as his business partner/CEO
  • Why they think trust and alignment was foundational in their relationship
  • The not so obvious things they wish people would know about scaling a bootstrapped company
  • And the one piece of advice they would give their younger self prior to launching ProfitWell

The full discussion on bootstrapping and when to exit — and to whom — here:

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