Vendr has its latest SaaS trends report out here and one metric I find very helpful is the State of Discounting.  Vendr has its latest data here, showing the average discount across its customer base of about 10% — and coming down:

The trends are interesting, and perhaps the opposite of what I would have expected — discounting peaked in the Go-Go Times of 2020, and then have come down since mid-2022.

A good reminder that while discounting is often a necessary part of the sales toolkit, over-discounting helps no one.  It confuses the market and the prospects, and is a sign of a weak sales team.  One without a playbook other than discounts.

Whatever you do, have a discounting target, not just a range. Most of us that sell to bigger customers have to do some sort of discounting.  10%-15% is where most of us land, typically.  This Vendr data confirms it.

And ties to our general survey a little ways back:

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