We just did one of our many reviews with our top partners and sponsors for SaaStr Annual and Europa and here’s some of the feedback we got.

It’s pretty strong.  Want more leads, pipeline, influence, and awareness in 2024?  Sponsor SaaStr Annual and Europa 2024!

Leading Public Cloud Company:

“We got 110 qualified opportunities and converted 40 to sign-up for our offer.  Now, 6 are set to close in the next 30 days with 24 more in active pipeline for early Q1”

Breakout Data Start-Up:

“SaaStr has a Great ICP (Seed, Series A and Series B accounts).  Compared to another leading tech event 2 weeks later, it was night and day in favor of SaaStr Annual”

Public Fintech:

“Our team buzzed about the event and the people they were able to meet in a short amount of time. They asked for larger exposure for next year and are going to upgrade.”

Public Fintech #2:

“Our sales team walked away with over 100 qualified leads. Time well spent at SaaStr Annual.”

Scale-Up in Revenue:

“Annual influenced 30 opportunities in our pipeline.  Our prospects were there.  Just great for branding, awareness, and ICP.”

Public Fintech #3:

“Leads = great!  We got the volume we targeted.  We also loved the several hundred leads from our activation.”

Scale-up Fintech:

“We’ve very happy with the quantity, quality, and activations.  We’re back for 2024.”

Pre-IPO Marketing SaaS:

“We loved the customer passes, and met with tons of customers on site.  We exceeded all goals for leads and scans, and beat the results from 2023.  We also loved the indoor / outdoor vibe.”

Leading IT Solutions Provider:

“We hit 133% of our opportunity commit for Annual, and 112% of our leads target.  One of the very few events where we’ve done that.

Code Deployment Solution:

“Thrilled with outcomes.  Sales said it was an event we ‘needed to be at’.”

Leading Security and Compliance Vendor:

“We exceeded our lead targets of 200 leads.  The ICP is a strong fit.  And our internal attendee survey was extremely positive.  The companies at SaaStr are the ones we have a lot of success selling to.”

Leading Revenue Management Solution:

“SaaStr Annual and Europa were our only third-party field events for 2023.  Annual 2023 had a higher lead count than any prior year (we’ve sponsored 6 times).  And we closed a big deal at SaaStr Europa right on site.”

Leading API:

“60-70% of our leads were qualified prospects.  This is very good.  We’ll do Annual again.”

Leading Payments Vendor:

“SaaStr is always a very good show for us.  We plan to renew at least at the same level.”

Leading HR Tech Vendor:

“We got over 900 qualified leads from SaaStr Annual.  Days 2 and 3 were really good conversations.  It was a big hit.”

Leading Cloud Provider:

“The booth traffic was better than past years, and the activation was a hit.

Leading Cloud Provider #2:

“We’ve renewed for the 6th time.  We’ve pulled back from a lot of events but not SaaStr.  It’s a good ICP fit and the right audience for us.”

Leading Security Vendor:

“We got twice the leads from SaaStr 2023 than 2022.  We’re back for 2024.”

Leading HR Platform:

“The team loved the event, everything ran smoothly and it’s a good ICP fit with strong lead volume. We’ve already renewed and added Europa 2024.”

Leading Expense Management Platform:

“Great audience, super busy booth.  We’ve already renewed.”








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