Others may disagree, but I think this is where/when founders make the biggest mistakes.

If you don’t know what to do, well … we’re all biased to action. Pick a course. A Good Plan Today is Better Than a Perfect Plan Tomorrow.

But … when you really don’t know what to do AND you are biased to action … in my experience, that’s a sign to take a pause.

Hit reset. Get more data. Do another 20 customer interviews. Meet with all your mentors. Challenge your assumptions.

Once things get going in a start-up, you generally know what to do. You make a lot of mistakes. But you still have a good idea what to do, right or wrong. You’ll screw it up, you’ll act with imperfect data. But you’ll at least think you know.

When you don’t … you’re missing something.

Figure out what that is.

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