Dear SaaStr: What Hours Do SaaS Sales Reps Work?

It really varies in SaaS.

Sales is hard. It’s a lot of Nos. A lot of pushback. A number you can’t hide from, and you have hit, every month, every quarter, every year.

But … but … if you are really good at sales, sometimes … you don’t have to work that many hours, if you’re ruthlessly efficient with your time.  Especially in an in-bound driven environment.

  • I’ve worked with Top 10% reps that work 70 hours a week, that’s part of how they do it.
  • I’ve also worked with Top 10% Reps that are so efficient at what they do, and so practiced … that they get done in 20 hours what others spend 60 hours doing.

Sales is about results. Really, no matter how many hours it takes.

The one caveat these days is be careful about side hustles becoming a distraction.  The best in SaaS may work less than 40 hours a week, but I rarely see them doing a ton of lower-ROI side hustles.  Too many of those just distract you from the big win, no matter how many hours a week you work.

Everyone Has a Side Hustle Now. Is That a Good Thing?

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