Q: What is a Good Sales Growth Rate?

Of course we’d all love to be growing as fast as Zoom or Slack … but what’s “good”?

What you want to be is accelerating in SaaS.

In SaaS, if you are accelerating, and you have > 100% net revenue retention, then you will build something big. Just so long as you commit for 7–10+ years. That combination alone will compound to something awesome over a decade.

To simplify, if you are closing more business each quarter than the last quarter, you are accelerating. If you are closing 50%+ more business each quarter than last quarter, you are really accelerating.

Set a real goal for the year, and they set a crazy goal.

But deep down as a founder, really only truly worry if your growth isn’t accelerating.

A bit more here: It Takes at Least 7 Years in SaaS: Can You Do The Time? | SaaStr

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