90% chance you should use Salesforce.

The simple reason isn’t the software itself. There are other solutions. The simple reason is your VP of Sales and other leaders, and almost all your sales reps, probably already are very familiar with Salesforce.

If you force your VPs to use core products that they are unfamiliar with, you are adding a large tax to their jobs there is no reason to add.

If they don’t care, or haven’t used Salesforce, that’s different. By all means, use another system. And for SMBs and small groups, Salesforce is overkill. Use Pipedrive or other much simpler products. Sometimes, at scale, you may even need to build your own systems.

But as a default — use the CRMs and other systems that your VPs already know how to use and want to use. Be it Salesforce, Marketo, Hubspot, whatever. Let them pick the tools they want to go into battle with. It will make them stronger, more agile, and more confident. That’s more important than exactly which one you specifically use.

And yes, I know you might prefer something else for CRM, or marketing automation, or whatever. Let it go, unless they choose something wacky, unusual, or that otherwise can’t scale.

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