The most horrible part is the feeling of failing and being 100% on the hook for it.

And almost everyone goes through this. Even if it’s not 100% failing, it’s at least growing too slowly in the early days.

Failing as a lay employee or even a VP is tough, but you dust yourself off and get a new job. It doesn’t weigh on you the same.

But when you are 100% committed as a founder to making it happen, no matter what, then knowing you are failing slowly and/or not growing fast enough to get there … that’s the most horrible part.

And then, somehow. And it often takes +- 2 years. You push through. And you get just big enough, growing fast enough, that you’re no longer failing.

That’s a good week. Try to celebrate it.

More on that moment here: How To Know You’ve Hit Initial Traction In SaaS. The Moment When You’ve Got A Real Company. | SaaStr

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