Four things:

  • Great product insights from co-founder Jeff Zwelling. While the product itself was objectively terrible in the early days (as many early products are), the product vision, the wireframes, how it all came together was incredibly advanced for the day. In fact, Jeff’s vision was our basic product roadmap for the first 3 years and what the entire industry uses (and copies) today — 10+ years later. That’s impressive. Few of us can see that far ahead, and crisply, and render that into an executable product vision.
  • Utter and somewhat illogical tenacity. I had to go without pay, we had a product that was way too feature poor, not enough capital, all these issues. Not Quitting once you have a handful of customers sort of works, folks.
  • Incredible customer commitment. I know we all have this. But.
  • Constant PR and promotion. This does work, done right. It just takes time.

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