I’m no expert but I always try to look at newer but current leaders in the market for corporate market and communications.

Twlio is a great one, rocketing to $1b+ in ARR but still relatively new, with a CMO that is ex-Salesforce.

What do we see?

  • Logos. We know this, but Twilio really indexes here.
  • A big focus on Results. — the top metric at the top of each case study. Not so much old-fashioned ROI calculators, instead just the 3 most impressive metrics from each logo customer. Users, time to deployment (1 afternoon for Intuit), etc.
  • Video Testimonials. Does video work better? Maybe. It’s certainly authentic.
  • Relatively short. The case studies are not endless documents like many are from years past.

When you are not sure for marketing sites, communications, white papers, webinars — copy the best run, fastest growing leaders in the space.

They have people and data you don’t.

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