So after some crazy times, SaaStr is stronger than ever.

Our podcast is up, we’ve crossed 1.2m social followers, and blog views are up, and more.

Our mission, though, is the same: to help the next generation of SaaS and Cloud founders and execs have an easier time.  To scale to $10m and then $100m faster, easier, and with less stress and more success.

SaaStr first and foremost is a community.  The largest community in the world for SaaS execs.

Here’s who we are hiring NOW:

* Head of Digital Marketing.  This role is ideal for an experienced digital marketer / growth hacker that wants to work at scale.  You’re #1 KPI is to drive 100k+ attendees to our digital and IRL events, and drive ticket and related revenue from them.  We have the list.  Your job is to do a better job with it than we have.  There’s also more you can own and do, but this is job #1.

* Head of Digital Events.  SaaStr never did digital events before Covid — but we got pretty good at them.  We had over 500,000 view our digital events.  And we had the CEOs of Slack, Mailchimp, Okta, Box, Pagerduty, Zoominfo, Twilio and so many other leaders join us.  If you’ve grown to love Digital Events, this could be the job for you.  But — you have to be very tech-savvy.  Job #1 is managing our tech stack here.  You have to know the pros and cons of various platforms, and be able to run some of them yourself.  If you just like to hire agencies, this is not the job for you.  If you know how to spool up Zoom mega sessions and digital events software, you could rock it.

* Head of Content / Community.  Boy, we have a lot of Content at SaaStr, and really this is two jobs — Head of Events Content and Head of Digital Content.  Or the right candidate could do both, but it’s a lot.   The job of Head of Digital Content is to drive up all metrics, and streamline, the content on our blog, podcast, and social media platforms.  If you love that stuff, join us.  The job of Head of Events Content is to work with our speaker partner and craft the 200+ sessions we do at events each year.

OK, those are our top needs at SaaStr Inc.  But if you know content and/or digital marketing and can envision a related job, we probably have a need for that, too.

Ok, if any sound like your dream job — just email me / us.  With why you want it, and what you can really do here.  Even better, include a Loom too.

A few notes:

– we are a >tiny< team.  Yes, we work with a lot of agencies, contractors, etc.  But our core team is tiny.  If you need a fiefdom, this isn’t the role for you.

– everyone owns a core KPI and commit.  If you aren’t ready to own a core goal, we’re too small for you.

– we’re 100% distributed now.  U.S. is better, but Europe can be OK if you have worked a partial U.S. schedule before.  We are still on SF time.  We have offices in SF and Palo Alto still but now function as 100% distributed.



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