Perhaps because you’ve observed successful founders and realized they have a borderline crazy drive, a vision, an insane commitment to creating and building something from nothing that you don’t quite have. Or even fully understand.

This was true of me, too. As a start-up executive, I never, ever though I would be a founder. I was happy being a Director, Senior Director, then VP at companies I believed in. I never had any idea how to found a company, or really, a desire to start something from scratch. I just had a desire to be part of something great at the highest level possible.

Then I found myself at a failing startup, running out of options and capital, headed for bankruptcy.

The best idea I had left was to license a little bit of its technology and start my own company around it. It was a terrible idea. I didn’t even understand the space, or have the really best ideas of how to execute in it.

It was just the best idea I had of a lot of tough options to turn a failure into a success.

12.5 months later, we sold the company for $50,000,000.

Then, I learned what YC and 500 Startups and others figured out. Some of the best folks just need help understanding how to start something. They have the raw talent, drive, and skills. If you give them that little help … amazing things can happen.

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