After the 1000+ attendee, 1-day in SF on Aug 29, we’ll be gearing up full-time for the 2020 SaaStr Annual.  2019 was our best Annual yet, and we loved the changes to the format (venue, mentorship, stages, AMAs), so 2020 will be a series of big and small additions, and refinements.  And we’re shooting for 20,000 attendees in 2020!  (In any event, it will be even bigger).

For sponsors, we have 10 awesome new offerings:

1.  New!!  The SaaStr CXO Summit. The CXO Summit is a big evolution for us.  We’re putting on a 1 day, event-within-an-event just to connect the top buyers of enterprise SaaS with the top vendors.  We’ll bring 150+ SaaS CEOs and 200+ CIOs, CDOs, CMOs, and CROs together for 2+ tracks, 100+ round tables, a VIP lunch and dinner, and curated 1-on-1s.  If you want to connect with top CXOs, sponsor CXO Summit.  It’s new and it’s cool.

Our speakers and guests already include the CEOs and CIOs of Box, PagerDuty, Zoom, Adobe, Nutanix, and many other leaders!

2.  New!!  Sponsor Workshops.  Unlike the vast majority of events, we don’t sell speaking slots.  We don’t do that because we are committed to 6+ stages of the highest quality content in the history of Cloud.  But that doesn’t mean there isn’t value in having 20,000 CEOs, VPs and execs learn more from the top vendors in Cloud.

So this year, we are allowing Super Gold, Platinum and Diamond sponsors to put on Sponsor Workshop sessions — and we are creating an entire themed, fun Workshop Hall.  These workshops are still subject to editorial approval, but can be vendor-specific.  Examples can include:

  • How to build a product on your API.  E.g., “Adding voice search to your app with Algolia.”
  • How to use your product to sell more.  E.g, “The top SDR emails that close deals, the data from Mixmax”
  • Case studies on doing better with your product.  E.g., “How to deploy a hybrid cloud app with Google Cloud”
  • How to do content marketing better.  We did this with Quora last year, and it was extremely successful.

If you want to add a Workshop to your sponsorship, let us know!  They do need to add value to the SaaStr community, but as long as they do, we’ll have a new, special Workshop Hall to accomodate them.  Think of taking the vest best session from your own user conference, and having a chance to do it in front of a highly engaged segment of the 20,000 SaaStr 2020 attendees.

3.  The Cantina.  For the last 2 years we’ve done a good job of ensuring high and constant traffic to the Expo (our average attendee gets over 1,000 leads), but we always want to do better.  This year, we are doubling the size of the Expo so we can do more in it, including adding an all-day Cantina right in the center.  We’ll also have a stage next to the cantina.  So grab a booth now next to the Cantina to maximize traffic!

4.  Super Gold Sponsorships.  We’ve been asked for something bigger and more prominent than our Gold booth, so we’ve added Super Gold sponsorships for sponsors like Walkme, Paysafe, Bandwidth and Leaseweb this year.  SuperGolds are 150% the size of a Gold, have a special premium location in the Expo, and offer an upgrade to a Workshop presentation and a Cantina session.  It’s a pretty good deal.

5.  Hosted Parties at SaaStr Nights. We started this last year, but are formalizing it this year.  Want to put on a party at Annual, with tons of leads and traffic (including lead scans at the door) … but don’t have the resources to do it yourself?  Not a problem.  On Tuesday March 10 (the first night), we are again shutting down the entire San Jose arts district for SaaStr Nights.  We’re doubling the space this year to parts of 5 blocks, and the top venues are reserved for theme parties.   Put on a Marketing Automation party.  A Sales Cadence party.  A Builders and Developers parties.  Target the theme to whatever buyers and customers you want to bring in.  We have the venues reserved, staffed, and lead scanned.  You just sponsor and show up.  They are fun, and last year the parties from Zoom, Pendo, Gainsight, etc. were packed to the brim from dusk until … well not quite dawn, but close.

6.  Inclusion Sponsorships.  We’re done inclusion sponsorships somewhat informally the past 2 years, with support from Kleiner Perkins and PagerDuty in particular.  But we plan to do a lot more this year.  We have room for a handful of Inclusion Sponsors.  With that, you get full access to the brunch and lunch with our 1200+ Equality and Inclusion program attendees (this was packed at 2019 SaaStr Europa); premium mentorship opportunities with our underrepresented attendees; and direct sponsorship of over 100 underrepresented CEOs and founders at Annual.  We also will promote these sponsors the most.  Please join us here.  This is a huge investment for us, and we appreciate (and will over-promote 🙂 the support.

7.  Community Day Sponsors. Want the maximum reach for the least work? 😉  Cocktail parties and sponsoring coffee are our 2 best, secret tips here.   Do those, too.  But this year on Thursday March 12 we are adding Community Day, where will invite another 1,000 leaders in the SaaStr community to attend that day.  If you want to reach the most founders possible, sponsor Community Day.  It’s like a cocktail party sponsorship on steroids.

8.  “From the Desk Of” Sessions.  For our Diamond sponsors, we have a new stage and format to integrate the top CEOs to share their founder stories.  With a cool design and more informal format, it’s a chance for CEOs to interact with 100s or 1000s of customers, founders and partners and share their founding story.  Think Corner Office, but live.

9.  Super Braindates.   Braindates and mentorship have been core to Annual and Europa for the past 2 years, and we continue to refine them.  Starting at Europa 2019, we added “Super Braindates” which are 1:20 sessions.  Super Braindates can be sponsored, with a chance to meet with 20 or more of the most likely prospects for your product.

10.  Also Join SaaStr Scale on August 29.  Lastly, also sponsor the 1000 attendee SaaStr Scale on August 29! It’s a new, special 1 day event just for SaaStr veterans right in SOMA in San Francisco, and just on scaling revenue.  We’ll have CROs and CMOs and CCOs and COOs from Brex, Gusto, Talkdesk, PatientPop, Gorgias, Flexport and dozens of other leaders.  Just teaching you how to do it.  The venue is awesome, informal and high end, and it’s an easy 1-day, plug-and-play way to connect with 1000 more SaaStr CEOs, founders and execs.  Sponsorship is incredibly affordable for sponsors already sponsoring 2020 Annual, so reach out and join us!

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