Thanks to the ~5,000 SaaS founders, VPs and VCs that made the ’16 Annual the largest, and we think, most valuable and fun non-vendor event in the industry!

Many more learnings and feedback to come, but take a quick look back here:

It’s early but we’re already hard at work planning the ’17 Annual.  We’re planning on Feb 7-9 ’17 in San Francisco again, the same week.  We’ll have room for about 2x the attendees, but need to cap it there.

Screen Shot 2016-03-08 at 7.22.03 AM

Two key thing we learned is that (x) folks want even more “Tactical Theater” content, so we’ll increase those sessions 1.5-2x, and make more room to attend them 🙂 and (y) more CEOs and founders wanted to bring their teams.  We’ll also likely move to a 2.5 day format, with even more sessions on Wed and Th, and a calmer, less formal, all hands-on-sessions half+ day on Tuesday Feb 7th.  That way, we’ll have more time for networking and meeting with other founders, execs and VCs.

On that note, Super Early Bird tickets are now on sale and prices will never be cheaper, and in particular, for planning purposes, we’ve put up very special pricing for Team Tickets.  Buy 4 or more and bring your whole management team to SF along with 10,000+ other founders, VPs and VCs in Feb ’17.

>> Also I know in the end we sold out for Sponsors.  We’ll have 2x the attendees this year but probably room for only 100 sponsors (we had 80+ last year), so if you want first pick of spaces, and to lock in ’16 pricing … let us know ASAP.  Email us here. <<


Screen Shot 2016-03-08 at 7.17.12 AM



Screen Shot 2016-03-08 at 7.51.26 AM

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