We’re tracking to ~10,000 on site for the 2018 SaaStr Annual and we’re in Gear Up mode now.

The dirt cheap Ultra Early Bird tickets are long gone, but if you sign up here for the SaaStr Annual newsletter, there will be special discounts and offers sent to you.  It’s free so just sign up!  (You’ll also get exclusive video content and more).

But if you want to go truly for free … there are 3 ways:

  1. Buy Teamable, PlatoHQ, or HelloOffice this month — and your team goes to the Annual for free!  We have 3 special partners who have teamed up with SaaStr to bring your whole team to the SaaStr Annual (up to 4 for Teamable and PlatoHQ, and up to 10 (!) with HelloOffice) if you sign up this month.  These offers are limited and tell them SAASTRSUPERSPECIAL (or email me) when you sign up.  These are products you may want to buy them anyway, so buy them now and come to the Annual for free!

Teamable is the first SaaS solution that truly and automatically leverages your team’s networks to find you great new hires.  It’s particularly optimized for building out your engineering team and/or sales team.  Everyone has a network, but how do you leverage that?  Teamable makes it effortless, and it really works.  You’ll hire your next 10 more reps and/or 5 engineers much faster.  And it’s also a great tool to help reach your diversity and inclusion goals in hiring.  Leading customers range from Lyft to Coinbase to Medallia to RainforestQA to Robinhood and tons of other leaders.

PlatoHQ automatically connects your engineering managers to amazing mentors — right on Slack.  PlatoHQ is very cool.  Could your engineering leaders and leaders-to-be benefit from real 1-on-1 mentoring from VPs and Directors of Engineering from Slack, Lyft, Google, Stripe, and other tech leaders?  The answer is Yes.  It’s very slick.  Sign up for 4 seats this month — and bring your team to the Annual!


Find your next office with HelloOffice!  HelloOffice is the office space broker brought into this century.  They’ll find the right, cool office for your startup in the San Francisco area combining the best brokers and the best software for finding that office.  We’ve used it as SaaStr to find the CoSellingSpace, as have YCombinator, Lever, CoreOS, Metromile, Logikcull, and other leaders.  Find your next office this month with HelloOffice and they will send ten (10!) of your team members to the Annual!

2.  Work out of the SaaStr CoSelling Space.  We have 103 amazing founders and execs working from our 15,000 square foot CoSelling Space in San Francisco’s beautiful Design District.  Everyone with an “iron” desk come February comes to the Annual for free!  This is a great deal.  So come join us now.

3.  Volunteer!  Free, Free and More Free!  (Except for your time).  We also need a dozen or more amazing volunteers for the Annual.  We especially love up-and-coming founders and founders-to-be, because they are great at working with our VIP speakers.  Want to volunteer?  Just apply here.

We’re super excited to all get together in February for the 4th SaaStr Annual.  These are 3 creative ways to come free, but come however you can.  See you there!

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