So we’ll share much more on 2023 SaaStr Annual soon, and start editing, transcribing and publishing many of the sessions ASAP.  For now, you can watch tons of them streamed here on our YouTube.

The heart of Annual now is meetings and connections, on-site, through networking sessions, through Braindates and small workshops and more.

How did we do this year?

👥 25,300+ direct connections made
🧠 1,600+ braindates
🤓 3,200 hours of workshops and braindates

That’s in addition to 250+ speakers across 7 stages, and over 600 direct connections made in our Meet-a-VC program.  And of course, the 1000s and 1000s of more informal meet-ups, parties, 1-on-1s and more that happened all across the 3 days.

Not too bad!


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