So YCombinator put out a list of its largest success stories not by valuations (as they’ve done in the past) — but by revenues.

It’s 2023.  It’s not a valuation game anymore.  It’s about putting real points up on the board, and after that, real profits.

So when sliced by revenue, what can we learn?

That 50% of the top YC companies of all time by revenue are B2B/SaaS:

Yes, B2C companies still often get more attention.  But revenues?  50% of YC’s top companies by revenues are B2B, vs. 22% that are consumer.

A few of the leaders:

  • Algolia (where I’m proud to have led the first U.S. seed round!  A great convo with CEO Benadette Nixon here)
  • Amplitude (come here CEO Spencer Skates speak at 2023 SaaStr Annual on Sep 6-8!)
  • Brex (a great deep dive with CEO Henrique Dubugras here)
  • Checkr (a great deep dive with CEO Daniel Yanisse here)
  • Deel (a great deep dive with their Co-founder and CRO Shuo Wang here)
  • Dropbox
  • GitLab (a great deep dive with the CEO here)
  • MessageBird
  • Mixpanel
  • Optimizely
  • PagerDuty (a great deep dive with CEO Jennifer Tejada here)
  • Podium
  • Rippling (a great deep dive CEO Parker Conrad here)
  • Stripe (a great session with ex-COO Claire Hughes Johnson here)
  • Weave (a deep dive on Weave post-IPO here)
  • Webflow (a great deep dive with CEO Vlad Magdalin here)
  • Zapier (a great deep dive with CEO Wade Foster here)

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