So layoffs still fill the headlines in 2024.  Even now.  I thought we’d be behind them by now, that the cuts were sort of a one-off for the most part.  But now everyone is focused on getting more and more efficient.  To $300k-$400k+ per employee at scale.  So cuts and slower hiring continue.

But don’t let the headlines obscure what’s really happening, because they tend to shout out quieter trends.

And business software spend is set to cross $1 Trillion this year for the first time ever!  With “SaaS” about $200 Billion of that. 

And so many of you in fact are, well … hiring.  Most of you are, in fact:

According to our latest unscientific but directionally correct survey of over 2,000 SaaS execs, 64% of you are growing your sales team in 2024.  And 22% of you are growing the team 50% or more.

So if you’re looking for your next role — stop sending 1,000 random resumes without a cover letter or any research.  Slow it down.  Find those still hiring, and find 5 or 10 that truly are a match for your skills.  Watch their webinars, do a product demo, learn as much as you can in 60 minutes.  And write them the best cold email ever.  On why you’d truly crush it there, for real.

I bet you get an interview.

Gartner: 2024 Will be Tougher Than We Thought, But We’ll Still Cross $1 Trillion in Software Spend

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