Holy crap.  That’s soon.

We’ve already sold around 75% of the 5,000 tickets, so if you’re thinking you’ve got time… maybe, but not much.

While we’re still finalizing the details, here’s some of what you can expect during your 3 day adventure.

  • reason-02B-v1Too much good content. That’s right. Too much. The really good, no-fluff, roll-up-your-sleeves-and-get-tactical kind of content. Where you wish you had an actual notebook. Made of paper. With one of those old-fashioned writing thingamabobs. But you’re a startup founder, so you’ll make it work by opening up Notes and commencing furious thumb typing while cursing autocorrect (or you could just heed my warning and come prepared).
  • Not enough time. “But it’s 3 days,” you say, and your math is correct. But these are 3 founder-in-a-SaaS-candy-store days. Want to get the real playbook on how to achieve The Impossible from the people who’ve been where you’re headed? No prob. Have every single SaaS investor you’ve ever wanted to meet in one place? Check. Gather all of your customers, prospects and partners in the same city at the same time – and it’s not Dreamforce? Got that too. SaaS nirvana.
  • reason-03B-v1Inspiration and camaraderie. Being a founder is hard. Really, really freakin’ hard. Hard in a way non-founders think they understand, but they don’t. They can’t. So those rare occasions when you connect with someone who is pushing a different boulder up the same hill and share that knowing nod… those are priceless.  Bringing together 5,000 SaaS founders from all corners of the globe in one location for 3 days? Nothing short of inspiring.

We’ll continue playing tetris trying to fit in all the amazing speakers and sessions, but we’ll share a little preview of your 3 action-packed days in San Francisco this February. There’s no main event.  No warm up acts. No filler. Just the very best in SaaS all day, everyday. Here’s a sneak peek:

  • reason-05B-v1Day 1: “Down at the Pub” We’ll kick off the day with an Irish Coffee and dive directly into the nitty gritty. No lofty overviewy powerpoints. No thought leadery waste-of-time panelists. This is the real deal. The unvarnished kind of advice you get at the pub over a pint (or ten) from the founders of Hubspot, Zenefits, New Relic, ExactTarget, and many more. Guinness included.
  • Day 2: “Daisies and Unicorns” Money. Making it. Spending it. Raising it.  Start the day with your favorite VCs Mark Suster and Jason Lemkin, then sprinkle in some Tomasz Tunguz and finish off the investor smorgasbord with Salesforce Ventures’ John Somorjai.  We’ll also mix in some insights from founders of hypergrowth pre-nicorns Intercom and RainforestQA, and top it all off with the kind of tactical, rapid-fire Sales and Customer Success advice you expect from SaaStr. Unicorns sold separately.
  • reason-01A-v1Day 3: “The Inevitable” The first $1m ARR is Impossible. $10m ARR, Impossibler. You reach the summit to realize it was only a crest, that the latest end goal is only the beginning of the Next Big Step.  We’ll spend the day on the journey to the Inevitable as founders and execs from Marketo, Hootsuite, Box, and more, candidly share their stories of scaling to epic heights. Climbing gear optional.

So grab your tickets NOW. Bring your team and make a week of it. Do yourself a favor and make the very best investment in yourself and your company you’ll make all year.  It is going to be epic.

Use code NOV20 for an extra 20% off regular priced tickets.


p.s. It turns out producing a good conference is pretty easy. But putting on a great conference and creating a memorable experience… that’s a lot of work. And we’re aiming for ah-MAY-zing. Which is to say that we may move things around a bit before now and February to make room for more speakers or squeeze in more content. 


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