In the run to SaaStr Europa 2024 in London on June 4-5 and SaaStr Annual 2024 on September 10-12, we wanted to look back at some of the highest-rated SaaStr sessions of all time, since the first SaaStr Annual in 2015.

Dharmesh Shah, Hubspot co-founder and CTO, has given 2 amazing SaaStr talks and 1 amazing deep-dive so far.

2016: Dharmesh joined us for the first time, with one of the most engaging and highly-rated SaaStr Annual sessions ever: their journey to IPO.  HubSpot is now on its way to $2B in ARR, but Dharmesh looks back on how they went from startup to scale-up:

2018: Dharmesh came back for the 5th Annual with Chief People Officer Katie Burke to do a deep dive on how to drive up employee retention, and create values that endure. These types of sessions are often superficial, but this one wasn’t.  Katie and Dharmesh were direct and honest about tough learnings, what’s worked, and where there is more to do:

2021:  Then in 2021, Dharmesh joined our podcast and YouTube to talk about one of the most important challenges as you scale — when and how to add a second (and third and …) product.  Much more here in a great deep dive:

2022:  Dhamesh and co-founder and Chairman Brian Halligan joined us together for an epic co-founders session on their top learnings scaling to the first $2 Billion (!) in ARR: 

Thank you to everyone at HubSpot, from CEO Yamini Rangan to Chairman Brian Halligan to co-founder CTO Dharmesh for adding so much value to SaaStr over the years!

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