The one mistake I keep making, even after abandoning swiftly ;), is hiring people that aren’t on your mission.

First, it’s never worked out for me when I hired someone with good experience that didn’t “get” our mission. Almost every start-up in SaaS, almost every start-up period, is only going to be interesting to some folks. Maybe only a few. It’s hard, but try to hire just those ones. They will know how to roll with the issues. They’ll know which deadlines are critical to meet. They’ll know when to let some things go — and when not to. And they are much more fun to work with.

And even those who are interested in what you are doing and get it … you can sometimes get them to take a job they don’t really want to be on that mission. That’s OK for some entry-level employees who just want to learn, but for more seasoned folks, asking them to take a job they don’t really want … just to be part of a brand or mission that is appealing … doesn’t scale or last.

Hiring is tough, especially in 2019 in tech.

But I’ve learned if you hire folks not on your mission, or on your mission but taking a job they don’t want to be on it … those never work out.

No matter how appealing their LinkedIn is.

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