There’s one thing I think it’s really important for sales reps to understand: AI is coming for your job.

You can laugh, and say ChatGPT is never going to replace an enterprise AE.

But that’s less the point. AI has already come for post-sales and the contact center. We’re already getting to a point where every contact center wants to automate 50%+ of interactions with AI and automation. That’s radical change, in just 18 months really. From 0%-10% to 50% as the goal.  Talk to Zendesk or Intercom or Gorgias.  That future is already here, or at least, in process.

And that means 50% less humans.  Yes, that’s the goal.

Next up is sales. Here it’s only just begun. Adding AI to existing sales tools doesn’t replace humans today.

But it’s going to be the goal. A lot of energy and money will be put into cutting down the number of human reps, and automating more.  AI reps that work 24×7.  AI reps that get back to you instantly, not in a few days.  AI reps that know the product cold, and don’t need help answering half your questions.  AI reps that don’t immediately aggressively qualify you.  AI reps that aren’t distracted by second jobs and side hustles.  AI reps that don’t quietly think you are wasting their time.  AI reps that don’t blame the product when sales is hard.  AI reps that actually aren’t bothered at all when sales is hard.

Will it all work? Maybe not. But maybe more at the low end than we think.

The reality is in post-sales, customers are willing to tolerate somewhat worse support to get to 50%+ automation. Will software companies tolerate somewhat “worse” sales if 50% of sales can be automated?

Maybe. Maybe.

An AI sales bot that isn’t as good as a top rep, but can do a bunch of the job, 24x7x365, in any language, at any time, for pennies on the dollar … that’s a goal many already have.

2025 may get us part of the way there. At least, realize it’s already happened in the contact center. The sales pit is next.

(robot image from here)

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