Ah, hiring those first 1 or 2 sales reps.  So often, they are mis-hires.  But when you get that Sales Magician — they really can be a game changer.

If that’s you, hiring your first few sales reps, here are our Top 10 SaaStr Posts on Hiring Your First Few Sales Reps:

#1. When You Hire Your First Sales Rep — Just Make Sure You Hire Two.

A classic but updated post that now has become part of the SaaS playbook.  You can’t just hire one rep to start, or you’ll never know why they failed — or succeeded.

#2. How To (Successfully) Source Your First 2 Sales Reps 

Ok, you’ve closed 10+ customers yourself, and you’re ready to hire your first 2 reps.  But where do you find them?

#3. When Should a Startup Hire its First Sales Person, and What Should Their Profile Look Like?

How to know if you’re ready.  TL;DR: close at least 10 customers yourself.  And wait until you have ideally 2 reps truly hitting quota before you hire a true first VP of Sales.

#4. That First Magical Sales Rep

Everyone’s that scaled in SaaS had one.  Here’s who to look for, and what you can give on when making the hire.

#5.  SaaStr: Should I Hire a Sales Rep First, Or a Sales Manager?

The right order to hire and scale up for first sales team.

#6. One Tough (But Rewarding) Job: Being the First Sales Rep at a SaaS Startup

Why being the first rep in is a tough, quirky but rewarding job.

#7. The Top 10 Mistakes Folks Make Hiring Their First Sales Team (Updated)

The classic guide to the mistakes so many of us make again and again building our first sales team.  Also a great watch.

#8. How Do I Structure My First 1-25 Sales Reps?

How your first sales org will likely scale up, who you’ll need, how many and when.

#9.  How to Ensure Your First 2 Sales Reps Actually Work Out

Ok now you’ve made the hires.  Here’s how to help make sure they close — and not quit.

#10.  7+ Tips On How To Build Your First Sales Team

How to structure a sales team … when you have no experience doing sales yourself!

And if I had to boil it all down to just 1 tip … it would be this:

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