In 2019, the average enterprise buyers has deployed over 100+ SaaS apps, per Okta numbers. And the average SMB buyer has already purchased 50+ apps. So your prospects and customers are veterans.

The general pyschology thus is different than it used to be in SaaS.

The ideal flow is:

  • Marketing generates awareness.
  • Marketing (demand gen) and/or Sales (outbound) generates leads.
  • Leads initially do discovery on their own. They look at your website. They do a Google search. They talk to their peers. They check out your blog.
  • Then, sales’ job, the account executive, is to help them understand why an initial decision they’ve already made— to maybe buy your product — is the right one.

Salespeople in 2019 that employ high pressure, rip-off tactics. That mislead prospects. That claim the product does things it doesn’t. That trick customers into contracts that are bad for them.

That playbook doesn’t work so well any more. Instead, SaaS buyers are smart. They’re already interested before they talk to sales. So sales needs to help them understand, with data, demos, pilots, and more … why now is a good time to make a change or to start using you.

Not employ boiler room tactics.

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