So most everyone is still working on figuring out just how distributed, hybrid, etc. we all want to be — and can be.

Harry Stebbings recently did a great 20VC with Marc Benioff and there’s a ton of great stuff in there.

One I found interesting was their Work from Home policy, circa now:

  • Engineers just need to come to the office 10 days a quarter
  • Sales & Marketing has to come to the office 3 days a week
  • Marc works mostly from home himself, but “needs to be with his customers all the time”.  Digital is OK sometimes — he does digital days, and “being in person with customers is critical.”

These are tough issues and I don’t think there are perfect answers.  I do think this is roughly what most scale-ups would like though, having talked to many CEOs, CROs and more at 2023 SaaStr Annual.

Most just want to see their top engineers at quarterly meet-ups and once in a while.  They know many engineers work best with quiet and concentration.  Especially senior ones.

But most CROs I’ve talked to actually want their sellers in some sort of office 3+ days a week.  They aren’t getting it in many cases.  But it’s what they’d like.

And many are struggling to manage remote success teams effectively.

I don’t have all the answers.  But I found it interesting how Salesforce has come up with 2 clear policies on engineering vs. sales & marketing.

Even for us at tiny little team SaaStr, we’re conflicted.

Has remote sales worked for us?  Sort of.  But we’ve also lost a lot doing it, as well.  The team isn’t as close as it was when we all worked together.  If I could, it would be 3 days a week together for our little sales and management team, too 🙂  But not sure that’s practical.

Much more in their great convo above.

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