My client pays but doesn’t use the product. Should I cancel them?


Instead, what you should try to do is renew them, especially in the enterprise.

I’ve had many customers, especially big old customers, get excited, plan and buy … and then for internal reasons, deployment got pushed out.

Many of them never used the product at all in Year 1. Yet, almost all (several brand names) renewed!


  • First, they’d already budgeted for it. So the renewal was still realistic.
  • Second, they still wanted to make the business process change and had picked their vendor of choice. So why change, even if deployment was delayed?

So yes, it’s a big bummer when a larger customer buys but doesn’t use.

But that may only mean, not yet.

Treat them as a much more realistic renewal than your gut tells you.

And just go out and ask them what you can do to help to speed up the deployment.

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