Screen Shot 2014-09-17 at 10.14.12 AMSalesforce has put together another pretty epic founder / entrepreneur track this year at Dreamforce.  You can check out the schedule here.

There are three sessions I wanted to highlight in particular, that I’ll either be at or leading.

First, on Day One, Monday October 13 at 1:30pm, Aaron Ross, my good friend, colleague and co-author of the forthcoming The Predictable Revenue Guide To Tripling Your Sales, will be leading a great session:  “Predictable Revenue [The Sequel]:  How to Crush Your Sales Goals.”  Aaron’s first book, Predictable Revenue, has become a true bible for founders looking to build and scale the sales side of a recurring revenue business.  I’m fortunate to be collaborating with him on the sequel and the session will be a great chance to hear about the repeatable processes Aaron has perfecting since building the first outbound sales team at Salesforce.

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Next Up, on Day Three, Wednesday October 15 are two sessions I’ll be co/leading.  The first is “The Tech Entrepreneurs Survival Guide – The Best of SaaStr” at 1pm.   This will be what I hope is an amazing session on all the mistakes, learnings, and things to do better on the journey from $0 to $100m in ARR.  I’ll finally tie together the 100+ posts on and the 1000+ answers on SaaStr-on-Quora into one coherent theme and present it all.  It should be pretty great.

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Then, later on Wednesday at 3pm, right before Marc Andreessen’s talk, is a session I will co-lead with Brian Jacobs of Emergence Capital (my other investor in EchoSign besides Storm, and highly recommended) is “Benchmarking Your Startup”.  I hope this is the start of a great dialogue on this theme.  How well am I doing?  I wish I’d known myself along the journey.  What does it take to make it?  What if I’m behind — what can I do?  And if I’m doing just fine, where should I double down?  We’ll take both a quantitative approach (how quickly, and with what bumps, do the great SaaS companies scale) and a qualitative approach (what does the journey look like, and when and how do I kick myself in the arse to do better?).

Even better — we’ll bring along 2 case studies.  Tiago Paiva, CEO and co-founder of Talkdesk, one of the fastest growing SaaS 3.0 companies, will come and talk about how his built up a rocketship, brick by brick, over its first 2 years.  We’ll also have another great case study CEO join us, this one pre-IPO (will update his post to include).

I will see you there!

And no matter what, come to Dreamforce if you haven’t been before.  It’s the largest SaaS gathering on the planet.  If you can’t afford a full ticket, at least get a free expo pass and come learn.  Learn from Salesforce — the first SaaS company to cross $5 billion (and soon, $10 billion) in ARR.  Copy what works there, for you.  Either now, or down the road.  Don’t reinvent the wheel where you don’t need to.

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