Screen Shot 2017-04-18 at 4.42.12 PMWe’ve crossed a nice milestone for the new SaaStr CoSelling Space in SF — we’re break-even.  HOORAY!

We have room for a handful more start-ups + teams until we’re full.

What we’re looking for are either:

  • B2B start-ups of 1-15 in size from $100k to $2m in ARR; or
  • B2B revenue teams of 1-10 folks of any size (OK if you are part of a much larger team); and /or
  • Full or half-time.

If you are transitioning to SF, or even if you work outside of SF but need a half-time desk, it’s only $450 per month for a half-time desk.

Screen Shot 2017-04-19 at 10.02.09 AM

Full-time, oversized dedicated desks are $950 (+ $50 in cleaning/food/etc. fees).

The space is awesome with 14 conference rooms, 4 phone rooms, a huge board meeting room, and an events room that can seat 150.

Most importantly, there are “louder” areas (where you can sell on the phone) and “quieter” areas where you can code, decompress, or watch YouTube.  You can’t do that at WeWork.

Scaling in SaaS?

Scale together.  You’ll make fewer mistakes, and have more fun, that way.

Work at SaaStr HQ!

More info at


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