We’re looking for a handful of great SaaS startups or teams from great SaaS startups to work out of the new SaaStr CoSellingSpace in June, July, and beyond.

The CSS is designed for teams of 1-20 full-time for start-ups that have at least $100k in ARR ($8k in MRR).  Take a quick walk through the CSS here:

And with that… The Top 10 Reasons to Bring You and Your Team to the CSS:

 1.  Learning by Osmosis.  Being in the same space as breakout startups from Automile to Slido to Visiblee to Mural to Plato to Teamable and more is about 500x better than being in some random coworking space with a bunch of B2C guys and Microsoft employees.

2. Amazing Events.  You get first crack at our amazing CSS events with the best SaaS VCs and founders.

3.  Truly High-End Plug-and-Play.  The CSS is truly plug-and-play, with high-end desks, 14 conference and call rooms, a 100+ person events space, collaboration spaces, and much more.  Any office you assemble yourself in the early days will be worse.




4.  The SaaStr Team is here.  Jason, Jayne, Mark, and most of the SaaStr team works out the CSS every day.


5.  Energy.  Being alone in the early days is an energy suck.  You’ll go further in an inspirational environment.  As will your team.


6.  Great location.  We’re right in the Design District, wedged between SOMA and The Mission, near Adobe and Zynga and Heroku. We actually have parking. Whole Food is next door.


7.  Some of Your Team Lives in SF.  HQ on the Peninsula, or Somewhere Else?  Have a few of your reps in SF at the CSS even if HQ is in Mountain View or wherever.


8.  You’re Expanding in the U.S. / Bay Area.  We love international CEOs and teams that are here part-time or just getting going.  We have half-time as well as full-time memberships.  We’re a great springboard as you come to the Bay Area / U.S.


9.  It’s Cool.  Our space is very cool.


10.  You’re part of SaaStr.  From the speaker series, to brown bag lunches, to just bumping into a great SaaS investor in the CSS — you’re part of it.



Apply here.

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