There’s something really magical that happens when you gather with your peers. People with the same interests, the same challenges, the same unknowns.  Folks who not only understand you, but also thrive in a the same state of startup terror or euphoria.  

While SaaStr Annual has massively grown over the past few years, from 1,600 in 2015 to 12,500 in 2019, the core of what makes it great remains the same – gather with your tribe, share that knowing nod, and learn from each other.

Unless you’ve been there, it’s really hard to explain how electric the atmosphere is.  It is, after all, a conference with founders talking about the scintillating topic of enterprise software. It should be a snoozefest, and yet it’s anything but.  

But don’t take our word for it, check out what your peers had to say below. And though there are many great reasons to attend the SaaStr Annual 2019 – the amazing networking, incredible no-fluff content, built-in fun  – these are the top 5 takeaways from last few years’ attendees:

reason-01A#1 – Learn from the best 

We’re all trying to achieve the impossible, to defy the laws of the universe each day, and grow our businesses from ideas to IPO. So when the most successful CEOs and SaaS execs from Twilio, Adyen, Zendesk, Stripe, Box New Relic, Pluralsight, Slack, Intercom, Shopify, Glassdoor, Zoom, YCombinator, Sequoia Capital,  and so 250+ more are onstage candidly sharing their triumphs, failures and zen learnings, you need to make sure you’ve got a thick notebook and a front row seat.  We’ll also have 100+ VC presentations and meet-ups!  Get funded at Annual!


reason-02A#2 – Share that knowing nod

The reality is that lots of days at a startup suck. No matter how much is going right, there’s always something else that’s on the verge of coming off the rails. No normal, rational person would sign up for the insane and incessant pressure. So when you have the opportunity to connect folks who are pushing a different boulder up that same hill, people who get it – there’s a camaraderie that you can’t find anywhere else.  We’ll have over 100 sessions teaching you how to do it.  And 20+ open AMAs to get your every question answered.


reason-03C#3 – Find your tribe 

With 12,500 SaaS founders, execs and investors gathered in one location over three days, even the most introverted person is going to make connections. This year, we’re creating even more opportunities to find your peers by role, department, and company stage, as well as more ways to connect with investors, partners, and potential hires.  We’re also adding “SaaStr Nights”, where we are shutting down 4+ blocks of downtown San Jose all night long for networking, meet-ups, rock climbing, and tons of other fun and ways to make new connections.


reason-04C#4 – Work fun and haha fun 

Startups are intense. On TV they’re endless beer and ping pong with witty banter, but in reality they are also a lot of missed dinners and distracted “vacations.” It’s nearly impossible to let it all go and have fun. Don’t fret, we get it. We’ll bake the haha fun into the work fun so you can enjoy yourself guilt free.  Hang out at SaaStr Square Park.  Check our our SaaStr Old Time Movie Theatre.  Coming to the Big Party and dance the night away.  Cocktail parties every night until they kick us out.  Churros and slurpies.  Making SaaS fun — in an authentic way — is core to SaaStr’s mission.


reason-05A#5 – Build a stronger team 

You know that long-term-vision-thingy you don’t really step back from and re-evaluate as often as you wish you did? That time you keep meaning to dedicate to gather the management team, but never quite get around to? Well this is your chance step out of the weeds, to bring your team and make a week of it. Use it as the most productive off-site you’ll ever have. There’s no better investment you will make this year.

So do everyone a favor – yourself, your management team, your investors and employees who are counting on you. Join us in February 2019.  Learn from the best in the business.  Connect with other execs trying to achieve the impossible. Have a beer with a potential investor. Meet with your customers and prospects (and maybe even your next VP hire). Feed your poor, tired soul.  Find inspiration.  Just. Be. There.

And do it now before ticket prices go way up (+$400!!) at the end of the month!  

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