Is it common to oversell in B2B? My boss has a tendency to oversell our company services, but the tech team can’t keep up. I’m new to the B2B setting.

It is very common in true enterprise software, i.e. sales of complex, expensive solutions to large problems.

And it’s OK, up to a point.

When you are selling a $500k, $1m+ piece of software, it’s not a widget. It’s a solution to a large problem.

You are always selling more than just the existing workflows, etc.

Sometimes, that vision you are selling is the product as is plus a bunch of configuration, professional services, and add-ons.

Sometimes, it’s 6 months of custom feature build.

It’s OK, up to a point. Customers know it will take time. And in many cases, it will take a while anyway for the full, magic solution to a huge problem to be fully deployed.

But rough-and-tough, you don’t want to sell too much more than 6 months ahead of the roadmap. It may even take your customer 6 months to roll your service into production. But beyond that, even with reprioritization, extra services, implementation partner help, etc. … you can’t catch up to the “oversell”.

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Published on July 21, 2017

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