So Creandum, one of Europe’s leading VC firms (and they’ll be speaking at 2022 in Barcelona on June 7-8) updated its report on What Founders Really Want from VCs, and if VCs add value:The data is interesting:

  • Only 30% of founders think their VCs have been helpful.  That sounds about right.
  • VCs aren’t helping enough in recruiting, not for real.  69% of VCs say they are making a difference in recruiting, but 79% of founders say they aren’t.  This is what I work on and struggle with all the time as an investor.  Few things matter more than helping the team truly hire a few great VPs.
  • VCs mainly help with fundraising, with the next round.  This is right in my experience, and importantly, only some VCs can really help bring in the investors for the next round.  They have to have “juice”.
  • VCs think their brands really matter, but what founders care about is VCs they want to work with.  An important point, though perhaps one founders only come to after they sign the term sheet.

A reminder that even now, founders and VCs still aren’t 100% on the same page.  And that VCs should focus less on being the next Sequoia or Bill Gurley, and more on recruiting, and being a great team player.  And getting the next round in.  That’s the real job.


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