Q: Dear SaaStr: What’s The #1 Most Important Step in Closing a Deal?

Being responsive. Thoughtfully, intelligently, knowingly responsive.  Responding ASAP with what the customer needs to know.  Not tomorrow, or with a random calendar link to meet next week.

It’s not enough on its own:

  • Following up immediately alone isn’t enough.
  • Getting the prospect all the answers they need ASAP isn’t enough
  • Doing demos for everyone that needs one isn’t enough
  • Getting someone into a pilot or free trial ASAP isn’t enough

No, those alone aren’t enough. But it’s close. And it’s more than 90% of sales reps in SaaS do well.  I am just shocked at how many reps wait a day to respond to a lead, and then set up a meeting the following week in one of just a few time slots.  And then hand them off to someone else to help do a demo, etc.  Do better.

Be super responsive, helpful, and informative. Anyone can do that by working smarter, harder, and caring more.

Then build on top of that, learn how to build trust and add value. And then when and how to ask for the e-signature.


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